Self-care for Knee Pain

Welcome to Self-care for Knee Pain blog page.  The intention of this page is to help you safely treat some knee pain conditions from home.  The key to any good injury management program is accurate diagnosis.  Please see a licensed medical rehabilitation specialist to screen your injury for severity and to assign a medical diagnosis based on that screening.  Follow their advice.  But, if for any reason you do not have access to this level of care, we want to help you make good decisions.  There are certain movements you can do that are safe regardless of severity of injury, many times these are movements near the site of pain that help unlock tension in the joint or area injured.  How you respond to these movement provides insight into the severity of your injury as well as the exact structures injured.  We will use this blog page to share all we have learned in this area in a logical way.  Check back periodically or joint our newsletter to get updates.