Joint Clearing Techniques for Injury Prevention

Welcome to the Joint Clearing for Injury Prevention blog page.  The intention of this page is to help you go into every workout, sport or recreational activity with unobstructed access to neutral spine alignment.  Technology has us spending too much in collapsed posture.  Over time collapsed posture causes joint misalignments that serve as the foundation for many common and preventable musculoskeletal pain conditions.  By applying reverse engineering to this problem, we realized it was necessary to develop joint clearing techniques for the most commonly overloaded joints.  Our video-on-demand platform and digital physical therapy services can safely teach you how to perform these techniques prior to your workout to ensure you are not working out with a joint out of alignment.  They are built into every workout we prescribe.  

“Exercises from faulty posture or with joints out-of-alignment only reinforce the faulty loading and muscle imbalances that cause the joint misalignment.” Todd Ball P.T.  

The key to any joint clearing technique is starting with a passive movement, then that same movement with a counterforce actively.  We will use this blog page to share all we have learned as in this area in a logical way.  Check back periodically, or joint our newsletter to get updates.