Safe Functional Fitness

Welcome to the Safe Functional Fitness blog page.  The intention of this page is to help you make good exercise decision throughout your life span so that your fitness program sets you up for healthy aging.    Most of us learned fitness from the gym or a guys or gal who looked fit that gave us advise.  The truth is, most "fitness advice" is not in-line with how the human skeletal system is designed to function.  A few joint clearing techniques before your exercises and a few exercise modification can be the difference between good and bad fitness.   

“Exercises from faulty posture or with joints out-of-alignment only reinforce the faulty loading and muscle imbalances that cause the joint misalignment.” - Todd Ball P.T.  

The key component to safe functional fitness is to condition yourself to perform all exercises from neutral spine alignment and perform each exercise with control.  No momentum!  We will use this blog page to share all we have learned in this area in a logical way.  Check back periodically or join our newsletter to get updates.